The Organizing Process - This is what we'll do!


Time spent together will help us determine your organizing or moving needs including establishing a vision, assessment of categories, and development of a full plan of action!

Go In Order

The first step in getting organized – taking everything out by category and in the correct order so we can see what and how much you have and begin choosing what to keep by asking “does it spark joy?”


Should it stay or should it go? As you reduce your belongings through the process of tidying, you will come to the point where you know just how much is right for you. With my guidance, even the hardest decisions can be made easier!


Creating organized and thoughtful spaces means repurposing what you have in new and amazing ways… organizing thoughtfully to support you in your new space or home!


Decide specific places to keep things can be fun, and sometimes we want labels and storage solutions to keep our things easily identifiable. We can label and creatively store everything (if you want me to)!

Service Offerings

A tidy home is not just about a clean and organized space; every item in your home must serve a purpose, and most importantly, make YOU happy. Beyond helping you declutter, I will work closely with you to establish daily practices to keep your life organized and achieve the lasting, positive change you desire.

Tidying and Home Organization

KonMari Method™ Tidying

Home Organization

Life Transition Support and Organization

Simply looking to “de-stress” your life

Storage Solutions and Labeling

Move Planning and Support

Move Planning

Home Organization and Editing prior to a Move

Packing/Un-packing Assistance

Staging Guidance for Home listing